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Frequently Asked Questions

What bird looks like a swan?

There are other large white birds that may be confused with swans: Snow Goose, American White Pelican , and Great Egret . Sometimes a Trumpeter Swan is shot and the hunter said he thought it was a Snow Goose.

How long will a swan live?

Swans live for approximately 20 to 30 years. Some variations exist between the more common swan species. The trumpeter swan, which is the largest swan in North America, lives for an average of 24 years in the wild but has been known to live for 33 years in captivity.

What is a swan like?

noun any of several large, stately aquatic birds of the subfamily Anserinae, having a long, slender neck and usually pure-white plumage in the adult.Compare mute swan, trumpeter swan, whistling swan, whooper swan. a person or thing of unusual beauty, excellence, purity, or the like. Literary. a person who sings sweetly or a poet.

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