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Frequently Asked Questions

What are SWTOR codes in Star Wars?

SWTOR codes are promotional freebies that the game’s developer releases randomly. You can use it to get free awards like XP boosts, pets, and mounts in-game without spending real money. Active Star Wars The Old Republic Codes Getting Star Wars The Old Republic codes can be a little bit challenge sometimes, as most codes are time-restricted.

How do you get in game items for free in SWTOR?

Otherwise, if you want exclusive in-game items for free, then you can use codes and redeem them at the Star War: The Old Republic Redemption center. To save you all the trouble of searching for redeem codes, we’ve compiled all the latest SWTOR codes, unlocks and how to use these codes.

How do I redeem codes in Star Wars The Old Republic?

1) Go to the Star Wars: The Old Republic Code Redemption center and log in to your account. Then, click Code Redemption > Enter a Code. 2) Enter the code you want to use into the Code box. Next, click the check box underneath the text box and click Continue. You’ll receive the reward in your in-game mailbox.

What do you get from SWTOR Cantina codes?

SWTOR has started giving away code links for its cantina tours. The most recent code gets you a free, unique, mount, and an XP boost. Previously you got a mount and a random cartel market item. These codes are given away to players that attend the cantina. These players give them to their friends, who can then give out their own codes.

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