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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the routing number for Synchrony Bank?

Synchrony Bank's routing number is 021213591. ... You can deposit money to your High Yield Savings or Money Market Account in several ways:

How do I deposit a check into my Synchrony Bank account?

Write a check to yourself, or get a cashier's check from your current bank, and deposit in the Synchrony Bank mobile app. Or mail the deposit to Synchrony Bank along with a completed deposit slip for your account (provided in your Welcome Kit) to: Synchrony Bank PO Box 105972 Atlanta, GA 30348-5972

What are the different types of credit cards offered by arsynchrony?

Synchrony also offers consumer lending products, including the CareCredit credit card (for healthcare financing), Synchrony HOME card (for home improvement financing) and Synchrony Car Care card (for automotive/car care financing).

Is synchrony an FDIC insured bank?

Yes, Synchrony is an FDIC insured^ bank that offers a range of award-winning savings products at competitive interest rates.

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