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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using synthetics?

Synthetic positions can allow traders to take a position without laying out the capital to actually buy or sell the asset. Synthetic products are custom designed investments that are, typically, created for large investors. Often synthetics will offer investors tailored cash flow patterns, maturities, risk profiles, and so on.

What is the difference between a synthetic and a real-world financial market?

Synthetic indices are trading instruments that have been created to reflect or copy the behaviour and movement of real-world financial markets. In other words, Deriv synthetic indices behave like real-world markets in terms of volatility and liquidity risks but their movement is not caused by an underlying asset.

What are synthetic materials made of?

Synthetic materials are by-products of petroleum and are non-biodegradable. Synthetic products take a long time to decompose, causing long-term pollution. Nylon is difficult to recycle, making it difficult for them to decompose, which causes them to accumulate in landfills more.

Are synthetics legal?

Though synthetics are a form of artificial intelligence in the broad sense, legally, they are classified as property. However, their usefulness and not-inconsiderable unit cost served as a deterrent to any who wished to treat an android as expendable.

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