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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I deploy a proxy solution in tableau server?

A proxy solution is deployed, but automatic configuration files are not deployed. For this scenario, you must configure LAN settings on the Windows computer that is running Tableau Server so that connections to your proxy server are run under the security context of the Run As User account.

Why can't I connect to tableau server from Tableau desktop?

When Tableau Server is behind a proxy configured for SSL, Tableau Desktop may not be able to connect to Tableau Server (an HTTP 500 or HTTP 404 response code might be returned). This issue can present itself in one or more of the following ways: You cannot access Tableau Data Server data sources from Tableau Desktop.

How do I encrypt traffic between tableau servers and other computers?

You can use internal or self-signed certificates to encrypt traffic between Tableau Servers and other internal computers. Tableau Server adds an X-header to all HTTP responses for Tableau Mobile sessions. By default, most proxy solutions will preserve X-headers.

How do I configure port 443 for tableau prep builder?

Port 443 is used for SSL connections. To activate and run Tableau Prep Builder when a secure web proxy is configured: Windows: In your Local Area Network (LAN) settings, select Bypass proxy server for local addresses. MacOS: In the Proxies tab, add the IP address to the excluded local hosts list.

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