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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose American Pearl's Tahitian black pearl rings?

Whether you're looking for a gorgeous gift for the woman in your life or a nontraditional pearl wedding ring that will last a lifetime, American Pearl's Tahitian black pearl rings are truly unique options. We offer an unbeatable selection of these immaculate black pearl rings harvested from oysters off the shores of Tahiti.

What are the different types of Tahitian pearls?

Although black pearls are the most common, Tahitian Pearls come in color ranges from graphite to metallic silver. You will also find Tahitian Pearls with overtones that are greenish, bluish, or purplish. This is perfect if you are looking for a unique alternative to Akoya Pearls, which in contrast come in white and grey colors with pink overtones.

What are the most valuable pearls in the world?

Less than 10% of harvested pearls are round, making Tahitian Pearls some of the most sought-after gems in the world. Because black-lip oysters can grow to be over a foot in diameter, they tend to produce black pearls that are very large and, therefore, very valuable compared to smaller Akoya Pearls.

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