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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of shipbuilding in Taiwan?

Shipbuilding in Taiwan began in 1937 during the Japanese colonial period when Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Corporation founded the Taiwan Dockyard Corporation.

Where is Ching Fu shipbuilding located?

Ching Fu Shipbuilding is located in the world's fourth largest container port, Kaohsiung, Taiwan's southern port city. Established in 1989 by Mr. Ching Nan Chen, Ching Fu became the first privately owned shipyard in Taiwan to build International Standard product carriers and multi-purpose ships.

Is Taiwan's naval shipbuilding development program a 'Christmas Wish List'?

Despite the impressive list that includes a wide variety of vessels and systems, orchestrated by the Navy's Naval Shipbuilding Development Center, the list is considered by some Taiwan defense analysts to be a "Christmas wish list." As of now, only three of the programs have been officially authorized and funded for construction.

How many ships does Taiwan have in its navy?

Navy Modernization. The Taiwan Navy has over two dozen major surface combatants. In addition there are four submarines, about 100 patrol boats, 30 mine warfare ships, and 25 amphibious vessels.

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