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Frequently Asked Questions

How big was the Maus tank?

At nearly 200 tonnes, the Maus, fully loaded and ready for combat, was a feat of engineering which lacked a purpose by the time it was finished. Despite having been ordered into mass production, Allied bombing had slowed deliveries and then all but a few hulls and turrets were finished when the project was scrapped.

How maneuverable is the Maus?

The maneuverability of the Maus is what one would expect from a super heavy tank - slow and cumbersome. This makes the Maus a favored target of artillery although even tier X SPGs will become frustrated when faced with dealing relatively minimal damage to the Maus as opposed to other, less armored tanks.

Does the Maus have impenetrable armor?

It is true that the Maus has impenetrable armor - if it doesn't show its weak face, that is. The worst thing about this tank is the frontal turret armor, particularly on the cheeks. Even the lower plate of this tank is not a real problem when angled, because it is a really small weakspot, especially from a distance.

When was the Maus-II Turm changed to 1 10 scale?

On 15th May 1944, the contract for the 1:5 scale model of the Maus-II turm was changed to include an additional model in 1:10 scale to incorporate a new range finder (EM – entfernungsmesser), which was slightly narrower than the original one (1.9 to 2 m long instead of 2.1 m).

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