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Frequently Asked Questions

Does target have free delivery?

Target continues to make shopping easier and faster than ever. Target has built a suite of services to meet every guest need-from home delivery to fast and free shipping. When speed matters, our guests tell us nothing beats same-day service.

Does target sell groceries?

While Target has carried snack foods like potato chips and soft drinks for years, the company has expanded to include fresh groceries like steak, chicken, eggs and apples .

Does target deliver to home?

Target now offers free standard home delivery for purchases over $80. Orders under $80 will incur a $9 delivery fee. Excludes physical gift cards and large items. Large items will incur a delivery fee based on the delivery destination. Delivery fees for a single large item range from $39 and for 3 or more large items range from $78.

Which grocery stores deliver to your home?

Depending on your location, you can get same-day delivery (sometimes in as little as an hour!) from a variety of stores in your area like Costco, Aldi, Kroger, Safeway, and more. Some non-grocery retailers (including Sur La Table) and local speciality stores like butchers and fish mongers have also partnered with Instacart.

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