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Frequently Asked Questions

What is group gifting in the Target Registry?

What is Group Gifting in the Target Registry? Group Gifting allows multiple people to chip-in toward an item listed in your registry. When you first create your registry, all items over $100 have Group Gifting enabled by default. (From a logged-in state, view your Registry Settings to make changes to the group gifting feature.)

How do you find a wedding registry at Target?

How do I find a Target registry? You can find a couple’s wedding registry on Target’s website, in-store at a registry kiosk, or by using The Knot couple search. On Target’s website, click “Registries & Lists” and then enter the first and last name of the bride or groom when prompted, and click “wedding” as the category.

What is target baby registry?

The Target Baby Registry is a great way to let family and friends know the gifts you want for newborn. Hopeful parents can print a Baby Registry Checklist of newborn necessities from the Target official website before creating a registry. While waiting for a new baby, creating a baby registry is one of the most pleasurable activities.

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