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Frequently Asked Questions

Does target sell gun ammo?

Target isn't saying much about the controversy at this point. The chain says it does not sell guns or ammunition , and follows state and federal laws regarding open-carry policies. Although it is unclear if the company will respond to the public pressure to ban guns, the company currently has other headaches to deal with.

Is Target Sports USA legit?

No, is not a scam website, but it's your duty to spot the red flags every time you are engaging in an online transaction. Remember that even legitimate businesses have complaints and unhappy clients.

What is USA ammo?

Minutemen USA ammo is machine assembled and tested, which keeps it both high-quality and consistent. Minutemen ammo is loaded with once fired or new brass, meets military specifications and is non-corrosive. Minutemen USA manufactures both pistol ammo and rifle ammo with a diverse selection of bullet types and weights.

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