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Frequently Asked Questions

How many songs are on Taylor Swift's 'folklore'?

On July 23rd, 2020, Taylor Swift announced the tracklist of her surprise album via Twitter: folklore will have 16 songs on the standard edition, but the physical deluxe editions will include a bonus track “the lakes.”

What is the meaning behind Taylor Swift's new album faithfolklore?

Folklore is a concept album with songs exploring points of view that diverge from Swift's life, including third-person narratives written from perspectives of characters that interweave across the tracks. The songwriting is primarily distinguished by its wistfulness, nostalgia, escapism, contemplation, and empathy.

Where was Taylor Swift's 'folklore' filmed?

Swift teamed up with Disney Plus to create a documentary called folklore: the long pond studio sessions in November 2020, filmed at The National’s Long Pond Studios in Hudson Valley, New York. The movie features performances of every track on the album, as well as interview clips where Swift talks to her collaborators about each song.

What is Taylor Swift's new album 'in isolation' about?

After building a musical catalogue based on her own life and experiences, Taylor Swift focuses on telling others' stories on folklore, her eighth studio album that she recorded “in isolation” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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