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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Texture Analyser work?

How does a Texture Analyser work? A Texture Analyser is a texture measurement system that moves in either an up or down direction to compress or stretch a sample. The travelling arm is fitted with a load cell and records the force response of the sample to the deformation that is imposed on it.

What is the principle of a Texture analyzer?

Principle of texture analyzer The texture analyzer, as its name implies, measures the texture and structure of the sample. The extension is used to measure the physical properties, stress and strain of the sample. After measuring the time, force and distance, three data are used.

What is food texture and how is It measured?

Food texture is a physical property of foods arising from the structural constituents and is evaluated by touch. Textural properties are related to the deformation, disintegration, and the flow of a food under force. They are measured objectively by the functions of time, mass, and distance. The study of texture is a branch of rheology.

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