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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 2022–23 UEFA Nations League?

2022–23 UEFA Nations League From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The 2022–23 UEFA Nations League will be the third season of the UEFA Nations League, an international association football competition involving the men's national teams of the 55 member associations of UEFA.

What is the UEFA Nations League?

The UEFA Nations League was launched in 2018 as a way to replace the countless friendlies that filled the dates between more coveted international competitions like the FIFA World Cup and Euros. Instead, national teams now have meaningful competition to fill the gaps with each Nations League cycle scheduled to span two years.

When is the World Cup 2022?

The competition will be held from June to September 2022 (league phase), June 2023 (Nations League Finals) and March 2024 (relegation play-outs). France are the defending champions.

How many leagues are there in the 2022/23 FIFA World Cup?

As was the case with the 2020/21 edition, the 2022/23 competition consisted of three leagues of 16 teams each and a fourth of seven, the make-up decided by promotions and relegations from that second running. Who qualified for the finals? The Netherlandsand Croatiawere first to secure the top spots in their League A groups.

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