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Frequently Asked Questions

How is cystic fibrosis (CFV) assessed in the setting of Acute DVT?

In the setting of acute DVT, assessment of the CFV is frequently achieved on completion of lysis, as preprocedural imaging is likely to indicate that the CFV is involved with acute clot. In addition, in patients with acute DVT, transformation of the profunda vein may not have occurred in the absence of previous chronic disease.

What is the pathophysiology of deep vein thrombosis?

DVT typically originates in the calf veins at valve sites where flow is slower and can propagate proximally into the veins of the thigh. Muscle contractions and circulating plasminogen activators are constantly counteracting the formation of DVT. From the thigh, thrombus may break off and travel to the lungs, resulting in PE.

How is deep vein thrombosis (DVT) diagnosed in patients with PFV (peripheral fibrillation)?

Patients with PFV thrombosis tend to have more thrombus burden with more frequent concurrent DVT in the EIV and FPV. Patients with PFV DVT are also more likely to have a history of hypercoagulable disorder and immobility. Ultrasound protocols for assessment of DVT should include routine examination …

What is the prevalence of thrombosis in diabetic foot varicose vein (DFV)?

Thrombus in the DFV was more often occlusive in the iliac group than in the CFV group (81% vs. 11%; p < .001). The DFV was free of thrombus in 12% of patients in the iliac group and in 64% of those in the CFV group.

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