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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Timothy Olyphant do for a living?

In one of his frequent late-night appearances on Conan, Olyphant describes an aimless, pranksterish-bordering-on-criminal adolescence: spraying fire extinguishers at cars, gift-wrapping cinderblocks and leaving them on the street, riding big blocks of ice up and down the hills at the local golf course.

What should you expect when you meet Timothy Olyphant?

You are prepared for a few things when you arrive for dinner with Timothy Olyphant. You suspect he will be handsome. (He is.) You suspect he will carry his handsomeness with the casual, self-possessed indifference that has made him television’s go-to cowboy.

Why didn't Timothy Olyphant sign on to the Big Bang theory movie?

Even when the movie finally got a finally got a green-light from HBO, Olyphant says he didn’t sign on "until the very, very last minute." He reconsidered after reading the script and thinking about all his co-stars from the original series. "It was a rare occasion where I realized that me saying 'no' affected people I knew," he says.

Is Timothy Olyphant wearing a cowboy hat?

What you are not prepared for is the moment when Timothy Olyphant walks in, like he just stepped out of the pages of a Zane Grey novel, wearing a white cowboy hat.

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