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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the state of play for Titans tickets?

State of play: The Titans are doing their part. The Nashville Post reported the organization blocked tickets purchased directly from the team or through the official NFL resale site from being transferred until 24 hours before kickoff.

Why can’t Titans fans buy tickets to home playoff games?

Via, the Titans have adjusted the transfer window for tickets to home playoff games, in an effort to prevent fans of the opposing team from buying them. Specifically, the Titans are preventing transfers until 24 hours before kickoff. Thus, no sales can be made until 24 hours before kickoff.

How many tickets were sold for Titans games at Nissan Stadium?

The Titans ranked 12th in home attendance during the regular season with an average of 68,566 tickets sold for the nine games at Nissan Stadium. That was 99.2 percent capacity.

Will Cincinnati fans pay to see the Titans-Bengals in the playoffs?

Tickets to Titans-Bengals on secondary ticket websites yesterday were the most expensive of this weekend's four divisional round playoff games, indicating that Cincinnati fans are willing to pony up to see their team.

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