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Frequently Asked Questions

What is combobox widget in TK?

Tk - Combobox Widget. Combobox widget is a widget that combines an entry with a list of choices available to the use. Options. The options available for the combobox widget are listed below in table.

What is combobox In Tkinter?

Combobox is a combination of Listbox and an entry field. It is one of the Tkinter widgets where it contains a down arrow to select from a list of options.

Can you edit TTK combobox in Python?

Python Tkinter TTK Combobox Read Only The content of the elements in the Combobox examples shown above is editable because the default state is normal that makes the text field directly editable. Tkinter Combobox has the other two states besides normal,

What is a combobox in Python?

A combobox is like a combination of an Entry widget and a Listbox widget. A combobox allows you to select one value in a list of values. In addition, it allows you to enter a custom value. To create a combobox, you’ll use the ttk.Combobox () constructor:

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