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Frequently Asked Questions

What does TMI mean in real estate?

TMI is an acronym that refers to the concept of taxable mortgage initiative, which is designed to reduce the large costs and complexity of financing for taxable first mortgage debt. A taxable mortgage initiative does this by taking away the need to have to issue taxable bonds in order to finance any affordable housing.

What does TMI mean in text message?

TMI is an acronym for Too Much Information. It's typically used in chats, texts to indicate that someone is giving you more information than necessary - especially when it comes to medical issues, bodily functions, or other personal/private matters.

What is TMI in a lease?

A Commercial Tenant's Guide to Lease Terms. With a double-net lease, the tenant pays a monthly lump-sum base rent as well as the property taxes and the property insurance. The landlord is responsible for all other operating expenses. A triple-net lease, often used with single-user industrial facilities, means that the tenant pays "TMI" - taxes,...

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