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Frequently Asked Questions

What are good bedtime snacks for toddlers?

Calcium-rich bedtime snacks can help your toddler feel satisfied and prepared for sleep. A small cup of cottage cheese topped with finely chopped bananas, a cup of low-sugar yogurt or a glass of milk are good choices. Slice your child's favorite cheese and serve alone or with a handful of small wheat crackers.

What do toddlers learn in child care?

Through individualized care routines with a responsive, trusted adult, each child can learn that he or she is valued, included, and a part of the community. When infants and toddlers are included as active participants during routines such as meals and diapering, they learn about life skills, self-care, and cooperative relationships .

What is an infant and a toddler?

Infant and toddler are both children. However, infants are younger (under 1 year old) than toddlers (1 to 3 years.). Infants start crawling in this age while toddlers are beginning to walk and stand. In communicating, an infant’s cry is its basic communication while a toddler begins to say 2-word phrases.

Can toddlers develop OCD?

Though children can start showing symptoms of OCD around age 3, it is extremely rare. Many toddlers like to sort objects by color, shape, size or texture. At this age, they are growing and changing rapidly and engaging in this sort of behavior can help them make sense of their limited world.

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