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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Toldt's fascia plane?

Anatomy of Toldt's fascia or a fusion fascia behind the mesoclon. Three layers of the mesothelium (peritoneum) were hypothesized along the mesocolon. Thus, Toldt's fascia, sandwiched by two mesothelia, is not plane, but a structure with a certain thickness.

Who first described Toldt's fascia?

It was first described by the Austrian anatomist Carl Toldt (1840–1920) as a fascial plane formed by the fusion of the visceral peritoneum with the parietal peritoneum. This was later called Toldt's fascia. [2] ^ Culligan K, Walsh S, Dunne C, et al. (January 2014).

What is the difference between Toldt fascia and Toldt membrane?

Toldt fascia - continuation of Treitz fascia behind the body of the pancreas. Toldt membrane - the anterior layer of the renal fascia.

What is the white line of Toldt?

"White line of Toldt": Lateral reflection of posterior parietal peritoneum of abdomen over the mesentery of the ascending and descending colon. The white line of Toldt represents the avascular plane for incision and is the anterior confluence of the colonic visceral peritoneum with the parietal peritoneum of the lateral abdominal wall.

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