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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Stop my toolbar from disappearing?

The first option to check if the taskbar keeps disappearing is whether the auto-hide function has been enabled. Auto-hide causes the taskbar to disappear until it is moused over. To solve this problem, users right-click on the taskbar and click properties. They then uncheck the auto-hide option.

How do you keep toolbar visible in Excel?

Click on the Toolbars option in the list to open the second drop-down list containing all available toolbars. Click on the name of a toolbar in the list to make it visible in Excel. After you complete this process, the toolbar should remain visible in Excel the next time you open the program.

What is toolbar located on top in Microsoft Excel?

The Toolbar is an area where you can add different commands or tools associated with excel. By default, it is located above the ribbon with different tools and visible in the Excel window's upper right corner. To increase customer friendliness, toolbars have become customizable according to the frequent use of different tools.

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