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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you turn on toolbar?

Way 1: Turn them on or off in Taskbar Properties. Step 1: Open Search with Windows+F hotkeys, input turn on toolbar and choose Settings to wait for the search results come out. Step 2: In the left searching results, find and click Turn toolbars on the taskbar on or off.

How do you adjust toolbar?

Place the mouse cursor on the dotted or straight lines on the toolbar and drag them vertically or horizontally to adjust the size of the toolbar. Right-click the toolbar again and remove the check from "Menu" if you want to remove the main menu from the toolbar.

How do you set up a toolbar?

Select "Toolbars" and then choose "Customize.". Highlight a desired toolbar located in the "Available Toolbar Buttons" list and then click the "Add" button. Repeat to add each new toolbar to the "Current Toolbar Buttons" list. When finished, click "Close.".

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