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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TradeStation?

Experience the full power of TradeStation on our award-winning desktop platform. An advanced trading platform to help you design, test, optimize, monitor, and automate your custom trading strategies. Dynamic market-scanning tools.

How do I log into the TradeStation network?

From the Windows Start menu or the Windows desktop icon, open the TradeStation application. The TradeStation Network Logon dialog is displayed. User Name - Enter your user name. Password - Enter your password. Save User Name - Check this setting to save your user name with your profile so you don't have to enter it each time you log on.

What is included in the TradeStation desktop platform?

The TradeStation desktop platform includes more than a dozen built-in trading apps, made to help you trade more efficiently and confidently, with many of them being free! Plus, gain access to the The TradingApp Store, an online marketplace of ready-to-use add-on products built to run on the TradeStation Platform by independent developers.

Can I trade options in a TradeStation Equities account?

Note: Both stocks and options can be traded in a TradeStation equities account. The commission plan you choose (TS SELECT, TS GO, Per Share, etc.) applies to both stock and options trading in that account.

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