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Frequently Asked Questions

What is tradestone and why is it important?

“TradeStone is one of the most important changes to the merchandising process we have ever implemented at the company. It is better than I could have thought – it is a wow!”

Why choose tradetradestone?

TradeStone exemplified great customer service, innovation, and teamwork.” “…we’ve been impressed how information is now literally at our fingertips. We now have visibility to all the relevant information on all aspects of the development and production cycle…”

What is the user manual 4 for tradestone?

Tradestone User Manual 4 All merchandise PO’s for Urban Outfitters Inc., (URN) brands (Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People, BHLDN, and Terrain)flow through the Tradestone system. As an URBN vendor, you are required to complete the following in Tradestone:

Does tradestone provide training videos for vendors?

Training videos are also provided for select processes. Whether a new or existing vendor, please be sure to review your party record in Tradestone to ensure your company details (contacts/addresses as well as billing/banking information) are accurate.

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