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Frequently Asked Questions

What is tradestops?

What is TradeStops? TradeStops creates powerful, web-based investment tools that help investors make more and risk less - whether you're a novice investor or a grizzled market veteran. TradeStops' Active Risk Management Engine constantly tracks and analyzes every stock in the market.

How do I contact tradestops?

It is often responsive and can be reached out to via from Monday to Friday (9am – 5pm ET) through phone and email. It is safe to say that TradeStops’ market is very crowded. There are plenty of solutions offering portfolio tracking tools.

Who owns tradetradestops?

TradeStops was created by Keith Kaplan. He offers investment advice and shares stock ideas through his advisory services. He is the CEO of TradeSmith LLC. Before he became the CEO, he was the chief product officer.

Does tradestops have an asset allocation tool?

The truth is that each portfolio tracking program has an asset allocation tool. The one of TradeStops is no different. What it does is to visualize the way the user’s stock (or other) investments are divided in terms of industries and sectors. The PVQ analyzer does pretty much the same thing.

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