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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best language translator?

Best Languages for Translators: Arabic, Pashto and Farsi have seen a great demand recently for political reasons. A translator of these languages can get paid $180.000 per year in certain areas. Pashto is the best paying language right now because of its importance these days and because of the shortage of translators.

What does translate mean in English?

To translate an object simply means sliding it somewhere else, either in a side to side direction or an up and down movement. One way to easily recall how translation is done is to remember that "tranSLate means SLide".

How do I Translate Google Chrome to English?

Google Translate Button Search for a Google translate button in your Chrome browser. Click "add to Chrome" in the top right corner of the extension's box to install it. Search for a site that isn't in English, such as the Japanese Google site. Click the translate button that looks like an "A" with a blue border in the upper right corner of Chrome.

What is a synonym for translate?

Synonyms for Translation: n. • gloss, Metaphrase, crib, pony, key, rewording, paraphrase. • encode. • change, transubstantiation, mutation, conversion, metamorphosis, changeover, transmogrification, transfiguration. •act (noun) transformation.

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