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Frequently Asked Questions

Is trendspider the best Stock Screener?

A review of the TrendSpider Market Scanner, Multi-Timeframe Analysis, and Dynamic Price Alerts are also covered with screenshots. TrendSpider has the best Technical stock screener, and the many options available on their alerts system make this the best platform for active Traders that I have reviewed so far.

Should I use trendspider or TradingView for trading alerts?

If you need more alerts and more results per scan, then TrendSpider ‘s Master Plan is the right option for you. Now, let’s look at a few TrendSpider alternatives. TradingView is probably one of the most popular charting software in the market right now. So, which one is better, TrendSpider or TradingView?

Is there a free trial for trendspider?

Currently, you can get a FREE 7-day trial to test drive TrendSpider at absolutely zero risks. For Trade Ideas, you can open a free Demo account using this link here.

How much does trendspider’s elite plan cost?

The next tier is TrendSpider’s Elite Plan which costs about $2.30/day (or $57/month if billed annually). So, which trading software is better for you? Personally, I think both trading software is great for day traders.

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