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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trip Advisors phone number?

Trip Advisor is not a service website, which makes finding contact information a bit difficult. After looking around a bit we were able to secure a phone number where customers could call the main Trip Advisor company. Customer Service: 1-617-670-6300. Fax: 1-617-670-6301.

Which travel site is best?

Based on our research, we concluded that Travelocity is the best overall travel site for most people because you can mix and match flights with or without hotels or car rentals. You can also book cruises and excursions directly from this site.

Is Trip Advisor reliable?

No, Tripadvisor is not reliable. Tripadvisor aims at serving third-parties interests instead of helping travellers. I wrote a one-star review of a restaurant that is high ranked in Wroclaw, Poland but at which I had a disastrous experience.

Is TripAdvisor safe to book travel on?

No, absolutely not safe. There is a non-zero risk that you will have significant problems during the booking process, or during your flight. Are there people who have used them successfully?

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