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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Trulia and Zillow the same company?

Well it is a fact. Zillow, Trulia, and other real estate search engines are owned by the same company, Zillow Group. All of these sites have the same bad information, so why waste your time checking them all? Many of our customers say they check both sites because they “don’t want to miss anything.” This works well for Zillow Group.

Is Trulia owned by Zillow?

Trulia is owned by Zillow, so it gets its listings from Zillow’s database. It also gets listings from sources such as partners, brokers, agents, and third-party feed providers. Trulia also has agreements in place with MLSs around the country to receive listings from them. There are FSBOs on Trulia, but you can’t submit them directly to Trulia.

Did Trulia get rid of the crime map?

Trulia, one of Seattle-based Zillow Group’s real estate brands, says it will phase out the use of neighborhood crime data on home listings early next year, citing the potential for bias and inaccuracies. © Provided by Geekwire BigStock Photo

Is there an API for Trulia?

With the Trulia API, developers can add real estate data to their applications. Available data includes: neighborhoods in a city, cities and counties in a state, and geo-location information. Developers also have access to Trulia traffic statistics and sale listing data.

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