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Frequently Asked Questions

What does UI registration mean?

Registration is a requirement of the UI program for those who by law must register for work, and it connects claimants directly to Wisconsin Job Service programs and services. These resources focus on connecting job seekers to current openings.

What is UI insurance?

UI Insurance Services is an independently operated brokerage agency that is a wholly owned affiliate of Co-operative Insurance Companies. UI was formed in 1967 to provide our agents markets for additional lines of insurance.

What is UI claim?

What Is an Unemployment Claim? The term unemployment claim refers to the request for cash benefits made by an individual after they are laid off from their job. Claims are filed through state governments for temporary payments after people lose their jobs through no fault of their own.

What is an example of Ui?

Another example of a UI is the interface that allows you to interact with players, characters, and other objects in a game. A hardware device like a printer can also have a UI that allows the user to interact with the printer settings.

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