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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between unfiltered and filtered olive oil?

Unfiltered olive oil. The oil is either filtered or stored in tanks to settle for weeks or months to allow sediments to be separated from the oil; this is known as racking.. Once opened, unfiltered olive oil has a shorter life because the olive particles continue to ferment in the bottle.

Is unfiltered olive a suspension or an emulsion?

Unfiltered olive has aspects of both a suspension and an emulsion. Plant material from olive drupes is suspended in oil due to lack of the filtering step, along with microdroplets of vegetative and non-vegetative water in small amounts (0.1–0.3%) forming in a water-oil emulsion.

What is the best way to use Unfiltered olive oil?

A great new unfiltered olive oil can really shine in raw applications such as in dipping oils, on beans or vegetables, and drizzled onto warm grain dishes or pasta.

Do Unfiltered olive oils have polyphenols?

During the olive oil production process, non-polar polyphenols are retained in the olive oil and the polar ones are removed with the water. So, the unfiltered olive oils, with small parts of water, contain both, polar and non polar polyphenols. Not everything was going to be favorable in the unfiltered olive oil.

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