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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Lunardi's last four teams in the Big Ten?

Lunardi;’s last four teams in at the moment include Texas Tech, Utah State, and a pair of Big Ten teams with Rutgers and Iowa making it just in. Northwestern is among the first four out for Lunardi, along with NC State, Oklahoma State, and Utah. Lunardi has 10 teams from the Big Ten in his bracket, the most of any conference in the country.

Is Michigan State a 7 seed in Bracketology?

The latest batch of Bracketology from Lunardi was released on Tuesday, which saw the Spartans experience a slight drop. Michigan State was previously a No. 6 seed but in Tuesday’s update they are now slated as a No. 7 seed. In this projected first round matchup, Michigan State would face No. 10 seed Boise State in the West Region.

How many Big Ten teams are in Bracketology?

There were a total of nine Big Ten teams in this latest batch of Bracketology. Wisconsin and Ohio State were both just outside the field of 68 as well.

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