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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there going to be any new changes to valorant?

Several big changes are headed to Valorant in the game's upcoming 4.0 patch, including major combat buffs and a stylish new agent. While Riot has yet to announce when exactly the changes are expected to go live, the studio has laid out everything players can expect following the end of Valorant's latest act.

Who is the new duelist in valorant 4 . 0?

Most notably, Valorant 4. 0 comes with a brand new operator joining the ranks of its Duelists: Agent Neon. Based on Riot's description of Neon--as well as her name--it seems as if she will be a high-speed, high-energy character that focuses on precision.

What did patch 4 . 0 do to the Spectre?

Episode Four began with the introduction of Patch 4.0, which included significant nerfs to the widely used Spectre and an improved fire rate for the Ares. The nerfs to the Spectre include an earlier firing error during a spray and increased recoil multipliers while running/jumping, making long-range sprays and close-moving sprays more inaccurate.

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