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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Philodendron Birkin have variegated leaves?

The variegation of the Philodendron birkin isn’t stable, and because of this, the variegated leaves have a limited amount of chlorophyll. A juvenile Philodendron birkin will have all-green leaves, and as the plant matures, variegation may result.

Can Philodendron lose its variegation?

Since the Philodendron birkin has an unstable variegation, the plant can revert too, losing its variegation as the interesting non-all-green leaves turn solid green again. The Philodendron birkin can even fully revert to the Philodendron Rojo Congo.

Why is my Philodendron Birkin turning green?

Since the Philodendron birkin is a chimeric mutation of the philodendron Rojo Congo, it is possible for the Philodendron birkin to revert (or lose its variegation). So the variegated green leaves with thin white stripes will turn plain green.

What does a philodendron plant look like?

The tropical philodendron plant starts with lime-green leaves and light yellowish thin stripes. As the Birkin plant matures, white variegation develops, giving the unique Philodendron leaves rare patterns on its pointed oval leaves.

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