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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Viavi Solutions?

Formerly JDSU, VIAVI Solutions was founded in 1923 as Wandel and Goltermann, a European company that grew from two technicians building and selling radios to one of the world’s largest suppliers of electronic test and measurement equipment.

What is a virtualviavi tool?

VIAVI tools and intelligence help Service Providers and IT organizations build, test, certify, monitor, maintain, optimize, and troubleshoot complex physical and virtual networks.

What's it like to work at Viavi?

"VIAVI has a transparent culture that offers mutual support, promotes trust, rewards employee’s efforts. With its global presence and opportunities to contribute to the business growth through technology makes the journey fulfilling."

What has Viavi Solutions added to its base station analyzer?

Also in February 2016, Viavi Solutions added functionality to its CellAdvisor Base Station Analyzer to allow baseband testing during tower installation, in order to reduce the number of tower climbs and improve safety.

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