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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular vintage costume jewelry designers?

Many famous designers worked in the costume jewelry division of Dior, including Kramer, Henkel and Grossé, Josette Gripoix, and more. Marks would feature the designer name, often with "for Christian Dior" or "Dior by" and similar notations. Sometimes the country of origin was included as well, depending on the designer.

Who are some well-known costume jewelry designers?

Hobé costume jewelry is known for being tasseled, beaded, and having floral designs. The company was started by Jacques Hobé in Paris, but William Hobé, his son, is most well-known for designing costume pieces used in Hollywood and worn by actresses after he moved the company to America. The marks for this jewelry have undergone several changes.

How can you tell if a piece of costume jewelry is vintage?

Keep a few tips in mind to find valuable pieces. Condition - Look for pieces that are in excellent condition with no repairs; determine whether jewels or beads were glued in or are held in with prongs. Missing parts and rust (green in vintage pieces) are a bad sign.

What are some popular materials used in vintage costume jewelry?

Materials - Vintage jewelry is made out of a variety of materials, from glass to plastic to reisn to Bakelite, and a variety of metals, of which brass was common. Faux pearls were popular in the mid-1950s and vintage rhinestone jewelry often included faux diamonds.

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