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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mobile wallet and how does it work?

A mobile wallet is a digital version of the wallet you carry around in your pocket. It stores payment details, for example credit or debit cards, and cash balances, which can then be used to make payments.

What is a cryptocurrency wallet and how does it work?

A Cryptocurrency Wallet is like an e-wallet or electronic wallet, that is used to buy, sell as well as manage the cryptocurrency balance by storing its private and public keys. To trade in cryptos, you are required to have a cryptocurrency wallet, as there has to be some medium to manage your digital currency.

What is a digital wallet, and how does it work?

No matter what form it takes, a digital wallet is based on encryption software that substitutes for your old, analog wallet during monetary transactions. You benefit from the protection and convenience. Merchants benefit because they're more protected against fraud and they sell more products, faster.

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