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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wallhaven the best place to buy wallpapers?

As we mentioned throughout the article, it depends exactly on what you want. is a great site as it allows you to search for wallpapers on all kinds of different resolutions and categories, but a lot of the wallpapers hosted on this platform are ones making the rounds around the internet anyway.

Where can I find wallpapers in 4K?

Wallhaven is an excellent resource, although a little bit rudimentary, for grabbing new wallpapers for your desktop computer. By rudimentary, we mean it — the site really looks straight out of 2013. But even with its rough edges, it’s home to thousands of fresh wallpapers, and a lot of them are available in 4K.

How many users does Wallhaven have? is home to 885,510 high quality wallpapers which have been viewed a total of 2.23 billion times! We have 638,902 awesome users, of whom 427 are online right now! Not sure what to search for?

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