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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Check my Gift Card balance online?

Checking Your Balance Online Access the Visa gift card website. Click the tab that says "Check Balance.". Enter the card number. Enter the expiration date. Enter the 3-digit-code. Check your balance.

How do I Check my Walmart balance?

Answer Wiki. You can check the balance of your Walmart gift card by following the below steps. Enter your Walmart Card Number (16-digit number) in the relevant text box. Pin Code ( 8-digit code). Mention your State. Put total Card Amount of your Walmart card. Click on Check Balance button and your Walmart card balance will display on the screen.

How do you check the balance of a gift card?

Check the Balance of Your Gift Card. How to Check Your Gift Card Balance. Enter your ZIP code followed by your gift card number. Click "Check Balance.". You will see your gift card balance and a list of ticketable theaters in your area.

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