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Frequently Asked Questions

What temperature is the highest density of water?

Water is the densest at 39 degrees Fahrenheit (or 3.98 degrees Celsius). At this temperature, ice floats on water. Water's density decreases as its temperature increases.

Does the density of water depend on its temperature?

Water does not have an absolute density as its density varies with temperature. It has a higher density in the liquid state than the solid. Check the Density Vs Temperature graph given below to understand how density changes with temperature.

What is the exact density of water at room temp?

At room temperature (i.e., 22° C), the density of water in kg/m 3 is 997.77. In other words, at the same temperature, the density of water in g/ml (or g/cm 3) is 0.99777. The logic is to divide the value of kg/m 3 by 1000 to get pure water density in g/ml.

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