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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name toupee mean?

Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word toupee. A wig of false hair worn to cover a bald spot, especially as worn by a man. Etymology: 1727, from toupet, from toupet, from toupet, diminutive of toupe, top, of origin, from Low *, from tuppaz. Cognate with topp, top, top, zopf, toppr. More at top.

Does William Shatner wear a toupee?

Depending on which site or publication you read, Shatner has either worn a wig all of his life or has never worn one. The truth is probably the latter. William Shatner plays on the myth that he wears or has worn a toupee, but he doesn’t actually wear one.

Does David Spade wear a toupee?

The KGB Agent answer: David Spade is rumored to have implants or a hairpiece but there is no solid evidence. Home Page Before and After Pictures Great Toupees. DAVID SPADE. Oh yeah, it's a wig. Some of them are wearing toupees and some are not.

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