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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fancy Lantern?

A Fancy Lantern is a luminescent decoration block added by BiblioCraft. It emits the maximum light level of 15 just like a block of Glowstone. There are two main types of Fancy Lantern, made of either Gold, or Iron. Both are functionally identical.

What is a candle lantern?

A candle lantern consists of a glass chimney tucked into an aluminum or brass base. A candle sits in the base. The chimney is pulled up for use and pushed down for storage and transport.

What is a paper lantern?

Paper lantern. A paper lantern is a lantern made of thin, brightly colored paper. Paper lanterns come in various shapes and sizes, as well as various methods of construction. In their simplest form, they are simply a paper bag with a candle placed inside, although more complicated lanterns consist of a collapsible bamboo...

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