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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Split and explode in PHP?

split uses regex, while explode uses a fixed string. If you do need regex, use preg_split, which uses PCRE (the regex package now preferred across the PHP standard library). Both the functions are used to Split a string. However, Split is used to split a string using a regular expression.

What does explode() do?

Returns an array of string s created by splitting the string parameter on boundaries formed by the separator . If separator is an empty string (""), explode () throws a ValueError .

What is the return value type of explode() function?

The return value type of the explode () function is the single array with the list of the strings. This is the example of splitting a single string into many small string by taking the space in between the string into the consideration.

How does explode parse a string?

Explode does not parse a string by delimiters, in the sense that we expect to find tokens between a starting and ending delimiter, but instead splits a string into parts by using a string as the boundary of each part. Once that boundary is discovered the string is split.

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