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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you donate an used mattress?

The answer is yes; you can donate an old bed, but only if it meets certain standards. While donating a mattress may seem like a good idea regardless of its condition, this is not the case. Mattresses can only be accepted as donations if they are still in reasonably good condition.

Do any charities accept mattresses?

You get nowhere if you do not ask – particularly if your mattress is in a good condition. Many local charities will accept your mattress donation, and some may even collect them. Shelters for the homeless, or for abused women, men and children will be delighted to accept the donation of a mattress.

Does anyone take mattress donations?

While the Salvation Army is a great place to get rid of other furniture, they just aren’t equipped to handle the sort of space that a lot of mattresses provide. On the other hand, Goodwill is one of the organizations that DOES take mattress donations and furniture, providing they are in good shape.

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