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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the seasons like in Columbus Ohio?

Like much of the Midwest, Columbus, Ohio enjoys four distinctive seasons, appealing to visitors who enjoy a variety of outdoor activities and recreation all year long. Summers can be hot and humid and winters snowy and cold with milder temps in the spring and the fall depending on the direction of the jet streams.

Where will the heaviest snowfall occur in Ohio?

Right now the heaviest snow totals are expected in Eastern & Southeastern Ohio which is why they’re under a weather alert so far in advance of our next weather maker.

When is tornado season in Columbus Ohio?

1 Tornado Season in Columbus. Tornadoes can occur any month of the year, but April through July is the highest risk period for severe storms in Ohio and much of the ... 2 Summer in Columbus. ... 3 Fall in Columbus. ... 4 Winter in Columbus. ... 5 Spring in Columbus. ... 6 Average Monthly Temperature, Rainfall, and Daylight Hours. ...

What is the weather like in Columbus Ohio in August?

June, July, and August in Columbus are warm and pleasant, however, weather can swing from hot and humid to stormy with little warning. Even so, it’s usually easy to find a stretch of days for swimming, outdoor recreation, festivals, and concerts.

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