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What songs were sung during World War II?

So, below are some of the songs that were sung by lovers, heard in the pubs, clubs and barracks as the world was at war for the second time in the century. 15. Vera Lynn- (There’ll Be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs Of Dover In 1942, Vera Lynn recorded “ (There’ll Be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs of Dover.”

What are some of the greatest hits of World War 2?

World War Two - Greatest Hits of the Second World War. 1. Rum and Coca-Cola The Andrews Sisters. 2. In the Mood Glenn Miller. 3. Wish Me Luck As You Wave Goodbye Gracie Fields. 4. Address To The Nation On The R.A.F. Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Who sang in the mood in WW2?

Glenn Miller, “In the Mood” (1941) Arranged by Joe Garland and Andy Razaf just before the war, this song was based on a melody called “Tar Paper Stomp.” “In the Mood” remained a big hit for Miller for the duration of the war. Written by Bennie Benjamin, Eddie Seiler and Sol Marcus. Here’s another great version by Vera Lynn. 8.

Who sang Lili Marlene in WW2?

The song was popular on both sides of the war and many cover versions were recorded, including the earliest by popular English songstress Anne Shelton, another by Vera Lynn and one by Perry Como in June 1944.The tune for “Lili Marlene” was used for a unique version called “The D-Day Dodgers,”...

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