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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the x8t work?

Unlike current tourniquets, X 8T integrates a patent-pending MED™ (Maximum Efficiency Dial™) Technology that requires no prior medical experience or training. The X8T, with its unique MED™ (Maximum Efficiency Dial™) Technology, enables the application of the tourniquet in eight seconds.

What is the difference between softt and x8t tourniquet?

This tourniquet has some similarities to the SOFTT or CAT but ultimately stands apart for its differences. For example, the X8T’s design does not incorporate a windlass. Instead, the X8T uses a ratcheting dial to twist and apply tension on the inner strap. It also uses a plastic buckle to attach the two ends.

What is XFX 8T?

X 8T was researched and developed by a tactical physician and mechanical engineer with input from soldiers, law enforcement, and medical professionals. The challenge they saw with traditional tourniquet is the time involved and motor skills necessary during application.

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