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Frequently Asked Questions

What is psychological safety and why does it matter?

A leading Harvard Business School researcher, Amy Edmondson, describes psychological safety as “the perception of the reaction that comes about by taking an interpersonal risk in a given context such as a workplace.”

How do you promote psychological safety at work?

Make psychological safety an explicit priority. Talk about the importance of creating psychological safety at work, connecting it to a higher purpose of promoting greater organizational innovation, team engagement, and a sense of inclusion. Model the behaviors you want to see and set the stage by showing empathy in the workplace.

What is a psychologically safe workplace?

When a team or organizational climate is characterized by interpersonal trust and a climate of respect, members feel free to collaborate and they feel safe taking risks, which ultimately enables them to implement rapid innovation. A psychologically safe workplace begins with a feeling of belonging.

How can virtual work environments promote psychological safety at work?

Psychological safety at work requires that team members have the courage to be vulnerable, and virtual work environments also present that opportunity.

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