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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Vacutainer blood transfer device?

The BD 364880 Vacutainer Blood Transfer Device is created for single-patient use to reduce cross-contamination and transfer-related injuries. It is latex-free and created to maintain specimen integrity, which is extremely important in order to achieve an accurate disease diagnosis.

Can I transfer blood from a syringe to a blood culture bottle?

COVID-19 Response Thank you for contacting our sales team! A sales representive will get in touch with you shortly. The use of a needle to transfer venous blood from a syringe to a blood collection tube or blood culture bottle is both a dangerous procedure and an OSHA-prohibited practice.

What is the red tip on a blood transfer device for?

It is a female blood transfer device and features a red-colored tip to help distinguish it from other holder-based products, such as the BD Vacutainer Luer-Lock Access Device. Best Practice Formulary contains BD best practice formulary

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